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Trusted Data Management  

Nightkey takes away the challenges facing identity management. It provides an easy to use terminal backed by the most sophisticated software on the market to safely and securely identify people through fingerprint and facial recognition across all forms of identification.

It puts the power of personal data ownership back into the hands of the consumer, while letting them get on with enjoying life easily and safely.


The easy and trusted way to reward safe fun

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The safest way to enjoy a night out

Nightkey is the only technology that provides an easy to use, secure, fraud resistant identity management system that is trusted by end users.


Nightkey revolutionises data management. It can be used anywhere, anytime and for any type of ID. It allows you to run a compliant and efficient venue while providing critical business performance metrics to truly measure business success and identify areas for improvement.


NightKey solves the issues of safety, compliance, tracing, data sovereignty and management, while rewarding good behaviour and providing an easy way for staff to manage lines and eliminate bad behaviour.


Unlike other identity management systems on the market, NightKey constantly evolves to meet changing ID, technology and compliance requirements (including contact tracing compliance).

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Take advantage of sophisticated and trusted technology

Data Integrity

Unlike other solutions on the market, NightKey provides complete data integrity; through both the use of biometrics and with a human review of all new customer enrolments into your database. Where an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scan may fail, our dedicated team will identify and rectify.

Accessible from All Locations

The NightKey platform is powered by a number of decentralised servers across Australia. This allows us to provide you with our solution whether you are in the CBD or in remote Australia; with options to operate without an internet connection. Given the security and privacy controls inherent with our solution, we are the only identity management provider who can allow you to retain and report on all historic information captured.

Multiple installation options

Nightkey was designed by hospitality industry experts, knowing it needed to fit into multiple venues types to improve efficiency, not hinder it. 

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Has Come a Long Way


NightKey provides venue owners with the tools to operate a safer venue by quickly identifying problem patrons, stamping out antisocial behaviour and keeping underage patrons out. NightKey was designed to comply with Federal Privacy Laws. Built from the ground up by people who have many years of experience in all aspects of the hospitality industry, it is designed to give venues the best tool possible for managing patrons at any hospitality venue.


After over a decade of success, we now offer a suite of choices when it comes to operating NightKey in your business. From traditional terminals to mobile apps, we have a solution to suit your business and keep your patrons happy.


We provide COVID-19 compliance options for a range of different businesses who need to perform contact tracing but do not want the expensive overheads of a complete data management systems.


From staff to security, partygoers to police, Nightkey has proven to reduce incidents and improve the experience of a night out.

After 20 years performing in bars and clubs across Australia, I wish I could work exclusively at venues that use Nightkey. The technology takes care of the issues, so the majority can just get on and have a good time. 

Since Nightkey came into venues in Darwin, my girlfriends can finally just enjoy ourselves without fear of having to deal with idiots all night. It's so quick to get in and I know my data is protected as I can control everything.

Having had Nightkey installed a number of years ago, we have eradicated incidents, increased our return patrons and can gain access to insightful data which illustrates the true value of our business.

Max Fredericks, Musician

Tara Calvert, Patron

Andy Price, Publican


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