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Protect your business and customers


With a quick, easy and secure way to manage identity data and contact tracing

Meet your bouncer’s new best friend

NightKey Mini is an easy-to-use tablet that lets your security team scan customer IDs before they enter your venue, verifying their identity in seconds and storing their data securely in the cloud. Get people inside quickly, make life easier for your staff, collect information for contact tracing, and gain insights into your customer base—including VIPs and troublemakers.


The easiest way to check IDs

Keep your establishment safe, your customers happy and your finger on the pulse.

How does it work?

NightKey Mini uses the tablet’s camera and our sophisticated software to quickly scan and verify customer IDs. With recognition for all kinds of documents, including domestic driver’s licenses and global passports, you can rest easy knowing everyone you’re letting in is allowed to be there.

Crowd control made easy

When people go out, they just want to have a good time. But there are often one or two troublemakers in the crowd. With NightKey Mini, you’ve got a record of everyone who’s been in your establishment. If a security incident occurs, you can flag the people involved and make sure it doesn't happen again. Create a safe, welcoming environment for everyone.

Reward your best customers 

Gaining a better understanding of who’s frequenting your venue and what they’re doing there also helps you identify the VIPs and high rollers. So next time they visit, you can be sure show them your appreciation—starting at the door. Boost loyalty and keep people coming back. 

Nightkey Mini_Iso.png

Accurate identity data in seconds

Go digital and stay compliant

Meeting contact tracing requirements manually slows down entry, costing you money. With NightKey Mini, you can capture all the information you need in an instant—no paper forms to fill out and keep track of. Simply scan IDs and let customers enter their contact details right on the tablet. You can even record temperature data using a third-party thermometer. 

A name they can trust

Unlike other identity management systems, we never sell customer data. Unless they’ve been flagged for bad behaviour, anyone who’s been scanned into the NightKey Mini system can remove their data at any time—no questions asked. All they have to do is log on to our website.

Get started in minutes

The NightKey Mini comes with everything you need, right out of the box. Setup is quick and easy—just turn it on, enter your account details, and start scanning. No need for lengthy training, your staff can start using it right away. Empower your security team and take control at the door.


Committed to data integrity

As Australia’s first and most trusted identity management solution, your data is safe with NightKey. All data is stored securely in the cloud with enterprise-grade privacy and control built in. Manage multiple venues from a single online portal.




  • Low weekly cost

  • One time on board fee 

  • Cost effective hardware management

  • Fast deployment

  • 24/7 contact centre

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